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Get your CT Teacher Certification, provided by Connecticut Department of Education located at 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06106, phone number (800) 842-2649.

What is Connecticut Department of Education Phone Number for CT Teacher Certification?

Connecticut Department of Education phone number to call and speak to a live person for assistance for your CT Teacher Certification is (800) 842-2649

Connecticut Department of Education Official Website to Get a CT Teacher Certification


CT Teacher Certification – Official Mailing Address to Connecticut Department of Education

Below is Connecticut Department of Education address to send mail or visit the offices in regards to your CT Teacher Certification:

State of Connecticut – Department of Consumer Protection (Drug Control Division)
Street: 165 Capitol Avenue
City: Hartford
State / ZIP Code: Connecticut 06106
Fax Number: (860) 713-7051

CT Teacher Certification FAQs

What is a Teacher Salary in Connecticut?

According to data that is published by the authorities, a Teacher Salary in Connecticut is $76,465.

What is the Education & Experience Requirements to get a CT Teacher Certification?

The education & experience requirements to get a CT Teacher Certification is a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited school and state-approved teacher preparation program. Teacher preparation waived with 30 months of full-time experience.

What is the Testing Requirements to get a CT Teacher Certification?

The testing requirements to get a CT Teacher Certification is a Praxis Core and Praxis Subject Assessments in content area required.

Is a Temporary CT Teacher Certification Available?

Connecticut Department of Education does provide an interim certificate if candidates meet all criteria except Praxis exams.

Did the state of Connecticut signed the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement?

Yes, Connecticut is a participant in the NASDTEC interstate agreement. Connecticut also recognizes service in U.S. territories and possessions via a Recognition Statement signed by the Commissioner on 5/9/2017. State statute authorizes the Commissioner of Education, or the commissioner’s designee to establish or join interstate agreements with other states to facilitate the certification of qualified educators from other states. If the commissioner is unable to establish or join an interstate agreement with another state, the commissioner can create and make available a recognition statement that specifies the states, assessments and educator preparation programs that the commissioner will recognize for purposes of issuing professional certification.

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You can contact Connecticut Department of Education by calling the phone number above, and get assistance with teacher license, temporary teacher certificate, status of applications made for a CT Teacher Certification and more.

This State of Connecticut – Department of Consumer Protection (Drug Control Division) phone number is a number you can call for free and you will be directed to speak with a real person at Connecticut Department of Education to get assistance with your CT Teacher Certification. Please note that you could be charge by your communication company, according to your phone contract.

How to Get a Teaching Certificate (License Online)?
Watch to discovre how to get a teaching license online, the quickest, step-by-step.

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